Linda Her – Executive Director –



Chong Vang – Program Director –

Chong Vang is a 1.5 generation Thai-born Hmong American refugee. They identify as queer and is one of the co-founding members of the MidWest Solidarity Movement collective. Their main role at AAOP is the organizing trainer and the youth coordinator. Outside of AAOP, they are a Crossfitter, saltwater reef enthusiast, vegan, and avian fancier.








Pashie Vang – Community Organizer –

Bio: I am a 2nd generation Hmong American woman living in North Minneapolis. I graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Bachelor of Science degree in 2016. I have a family of nine (myself included) with five brothers, one older than me by two years and the rest younger; a sister-in-law and my parents. I first started my organizing work with local campaigns in 2012. I had worked as a field organizer for the Blong Yang for County Commissioner campaign and also volunteered for All Families United campaign to defeat the Marriage Amendment. Through these experiences with different campaigns and issues, I came to develop my passion for organizing in my community.During my days off, I enjoy staying home and just relax. As for my hobbies, I pole dance, crochet/knit and recently I started a plant tank.




Wilson Yang – Community Organizer –

Wilson is a Hmong American born in California and raised in
Minnesota. Wilson recently graduated from the University of Minnesota
Twin-Cities with a degree in Sociology. He is very excited to work with
AAOP and the community.